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Black Anchor creates high quality camera gear for everyday use with a classic and rugged design. Conceived and manufactured at our workshop in Tacoma, Washington, we refine and test our products, working alongside professionals and adventurers to build bags and straps that remain comfortable, functional and stylish for a long time. Whether for a rainy hike through the Cascades or as part of your go-to city getup for the nine to five grind, Black Anchor has hand crafted gear made with pride, that will go with you - and look damn good doing it.

Long Bio

Black anchor began from a basic need for quality; or maybe an obsession with quality. We wanted products that meant more than just the convenient, cheap and off-shored, one size fits all design. We are much more demanding than that; and needed our gear to be functional, comfortable, ethical and built for serious wear.

That is why we developed a manufacturing philosophy that understands that the process of making something - the materials you use and where you source them from - is not just an aspect of products, but in fact is the product. We believe the who and why is important. That is why we buy responsibly and only the highest quality canvas and leather. That is why we use the sturdiest and most beautiful hardware on the market. That is why we source and fabricate in domestically, here in the America. That is why we only create products that our designers and craftswomen and craftsmen have pride in producing. Pride in craftsmanship is the foundation of our business, and what keeps us excited and working hard every day.

Put simply; we love badass products. We want them to get better with use. We want you to carry them with pride as we do. At Black Anchor we cut, carve and sew with old fashioned rigor and without compromising good design. Our products are adventure partners and personal heirlooms. Made with care and precision in Tacoma Washington, our products have a timeless style and are crafted to meet the needs of the 21st century. We work closely with professionals that use our products, redesigning and refining them to perfection.

Most of our day to day is one of glass screens and lenses, delicate electronics and angular plastic devices that we rely on in a fast paced world. Protect these with thick canvas, soft leather, padded interiors and beautiful leather camera straps. Bring classic style back to your ensemble and join with us in having awesome heirlooms that will last a lifetime.