"Live Well"

29 Sep 2016

Black Anchor has changed a lot over the past three years. We started as a run and gun DIY brand, moved into small batch manufacturing, split into a separate business, and now - well, we're still figuring that out. One thing is clear, though - our mission to create high quality products and live a simple and better life is still intact.

How we are going to go about accomplishing our mission is another story. A story that I will begin writing today. I'm back at the drawing board - dreaming up products that make sense in regards to who I am as an individual. I'm a simple man with a complex thought process. I know what I like, but I evolve quickly as I learn more.

If one thing is true - it is that I enjoy a "less but better" lifestyle. I try to clear my personal and professional schedule as much as I can to make time for the things that matter most to me - time with my wife and son, time in the outdoors, time for creative projects like fixing up my Wagoneer, and time for creating new products. In order to do this I have to sift through a lot of thoughts - which means sitting down and thinking for long periods of time is very crucial to my well being.

Today I am sitting and thinking. I find it is important that I write more often as I am thinking. Documenting my journey is a part of my process - which is probably why I enjoy platforms like Instagram so much. It's a visual representation of my life as time goes by.

Over the next few months Black Anchor will get a facelift. It's brand identity, it's products, and it's overall management. I want the brand to be a clear and concise message about what it is that we stand for. I'll keep you in the loop as Black Anchor evolves into it's forever self. It should be some interesting information for an outsider looking in.

I'm naming this blog "Live Well" - as I believe the phrase encompasses what it is that I, myself, hope to do, as well as encourage others to do. It will be our company motto and a north star to our pursuits. Live Well, in my mind, means to live a life that has a quality purpose, quality values, and is full of happiness.

Live Well,